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Security GPA Assessments

Security GPA Assessments

A gap analysis is a study to determine the difference between the current state of information security and its ideal or optimum state of security. Gap analysis is a vital part of business continuity planning and is also a form of risk assessment.

The purpose of the gap analysis is not to penalize anyone but to gauge the current state of existing security gaps. The guidelines laid down by the IOS (International Organization of Standardization, ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) and the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) must be adhered to during the process of gap analysis.

Our secure and complete analysis using result-oriented methods while adhering to the guidelines will ensure that your day-to-day processes run seamlessly.

Security and gap analysis can be performed by efficient methods such as a probing questionnaire where the following questions may be included:

Are the servers placed in a secure, restricted area (computer room)

Is the computer room restricted to authorized personnel

Does the enterprise have biometric access control to manage entry and exit

How much unauthorized access to the system was made and recorded

Were unauthorized access to the system investigated