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Network Firewalls

Network Firewalls

Unified Security Policy:

Firewalls can enforce security policies but only for the traffic that passes through them. With FWaaS, it is much easier for an organization to send all of its traffic through one of its firewalls, enabling enforcement of consistent and unified security policies across its entire network.

Flexible Deployment:

The potential deployment locations of a physical firewall appliance are limited by an organization’s geographic footprint. FWaaS, as a cloud-based resource, does not share the same limitations.

Simplified Deployment and Maintenance:

Purchasing, deploying, and configuring physical firewall appliances can be a complex process and requires specialized knowledge to ensure that all systems are installed and set up correctly. With FWaaS, many of these setup steps are eliminated as these firewalls are implemented as virtualized appliances in the cloud.

Improved Scalability:

With physical firewall appliances, security scalability can be limited by the available hardware. FWaaS offers greatly improved scalability since the pool of available resources can expand and contract as an organization’s needs evolve.

Increased Flexibility:

Appliance-based firewalls offer limited flexibility as upgrades and network restructuring requires changes to physical components. FWaaS enables an organization to adapt more easily to surges in network traffic and the demand for security functionality.